CARESS project: vocational education and training of home care professionals in Europe

That Erasmus+ project was focusing on vocational education and training of home care professionals in Europe. Project partners came from Spain,  Italy and Finland. The aim of the project was to create a mapping of current curricula and competences of home care professionals in Europe and to map these into a comparable EU-wide framework.

DEMOGRAPHIC AGEING is one of the most serious challenges for Europe. It calls for innovative ways to address the needs of older adults. HOMECARE played a crucial role in enabling older adults to live longer, healthier and more independent lives at home. The main aim of the CARESS project was to overcome this skill gap.

Starting from there, specific skills and competences needs will be analysed and addressed in modules that can be implemented in presence and e-learning. Three pilot studies will be conducted to implement and evaluate these modules. In addition, a European platform for a virtual Community of Practice will be created to foster exchange of practices and non-formal learning.

The project envisaged 6 main Milestones:

  • the delivery of the pilot version of the EU framework for vocational education and training in the field of home care
  • the delivery off instructional design documents of national vocational education  and training pathways targeting different home care professionals 
  • the delivery of the overall evaluation report about the implementations of the three teaching pilots 
  • the delivery of the final and tested version of the EU framework
  • the delivery of a Virtual Communities of Practice 
  • the publication of the final version of Website and Social Media Sites.

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