The importance of a good partnership

When building partnerships for a project, remember to consider the following aspects:

  • Target group representation: Partners must be representative of the project target group. This must be organizations that work daily with the target group or that in some way can have a strong impact on it.
  • Complementarity of profiles and roles: the partnership must be sufficiently heterogeneous to include complementary roles and different stakeholder representatives. It is important that it is not representative of a single type of actors but that it puts in place different professionals, who have a common goal;
  • Geographical representation: remember that we are talking about European projects. Try to include in your project organizations from different countries, representing, if possible, the Mediterranean countries, Northern Europe, Eastern European countries, Continental Europe;
  • Eligibility: always check carefully that each partner is eligible for funding. However, do make sure that you are partnering with the right (number of) partners, that you’ve got the geographic representation requested and that all partners are eligible legal entities.