Target group and beneficiaries

Remember that when referring to the Target Group of a project or the Beneficiaries of a project, we mean different groups.

Keep these definitions in mind:

  •          Target group: the subjects to whom the project is dedicated. They can be divided in 2 categories:
  • 1.       FINAL TARGET GROUP: Those subjects who have absolute priority in all project activities;
  • 2.       INTERMEDIATE TARGET GROUP: Those subjects who perform actions towards the final beneficiaries and that might be also direct beneficiaries of some activities.
  •          Beneficiaries:
  • 1.       FINAL BENEFICIARIES: Persons and organizations, public or private which, subsequently to the realization of the project, experience an improvement of a aspect of their living conditions in the long run or indirectly (for example: citizenship and companies in a certain area);
  • 2.       BENEFICIARIES OF THE FINANCING: Public or private body responsible for the implementation of the project, receiving the European funding for the realization of the proposal.