Communication and Dissemination

EU funded need to have a clear Communication and Dissemination strategy for the project. Communicating and disseminating the activities and achievements of a project helps similar actors make use of the results, implement them within their network and help the sustainability of the project.

European networks are well placed to exercise this task due to their large number of contacts at different levels such as EU institutions; other European organisations and policy makers.

Although partners within the project team might not be experts in the field of Communication and dissemination, it is important to ensure a follow up of the activities so that by the end of the project consistency in communicating and disseminating about the project can be reported from all partners involved.

Tips to make the Communication and dissemination successful:

  •          It is recommended to develop and share a set of tools such as a Dissemination grid between the project’s partners. Including this grid within the reporting to the Project Coordinator to make sure all activities are gathered at due time helps to successfully reporting the dissemination activities.
  •          Gather and share all partners’ social media profiles and make a calendar of potential posts that can be followed up.
  •          Assess if a newsletter will have an added value to the project versus the time it needs to be designed and developed. Nowadays, people is overwhelmed with information for what time for reading is approximately 20 minutes per day. Sharing short articles or writing blog posts per partner and sharing in social media could prove as effective. Be creative!
  •          Do you have budget for a website? Developing and maintaining a website needs financial support. If the project has a limited budget, identify the best partner to host a webpage within their website about the project that all partners can share.