Monitoring and Evaluation

Each project must have a clear monitoring and evaluation structure. First of all, remember that monitoring and evaluation are not the same thing!

Monitoring refers to an organized process of supervision and control of the activities undertaken in a project, to ascertain whether it is able to achieve the planned results or not. Conversely, evaluation is a scientific process that measures the success of the project or program in achieving the objectives.

The main difference between monitoring and evaluation is that while monitoring is a continuous activity, performed at the functional management level, evaluation is a periodic activity, performed at the project level.

Although each project has specific parameters, in general keep in mind that.

  • It is always preferable to have a clear responsible for monitoring and evaluating the partners. Assigning this task to a single partner (possibly not the coordinator) is an asset for the project application;
  • Distribute task already in the planning phase or, at the latest, during the Kick-Off Meeting. In this way, all the data to be collected and the indicators to be monitored will be taken into consideration from the beginning of the project. In this way you will avoid losing data and having to subsequently rebuild the indicators that you have not monitored.