EPR-EQUASS overview on quality

It is important that services in the social sector are of high quality. Quality is often perceived differently by individuals and is not easy to compare. Despite this, if a service is provided based on assessed individual needs, rights are respected, quality of life is improved and expected outcomes achieved, it can be considered as a quality service. 

Poor quality services can negatively impact a person’s dignity and human rights. EQUASS is an initiative of EPR, launched in 2003, that enhances the social sector by engaging social service providers in continuous improvement, learning and development. EQUASS aims to guarantee service users high quality services. 

The sector-specific quality framework provides a comprehensive approach to quality management, features a rights-based approach and is a recognised tool for implementing the European Voluntary Quality Framework for Social Services.

Quality, according to EQUASS, addresses 10 principles:Leadership, Staff, Rights, Ethics, Partnership, Participation, Person-centred approach, Comprehensiveness, Result-Orientation, Continuous improvement.

 For more information on EPR’s work on quality please consult http://www.epr.eu/our-expertise/quality-of-services/ and www.equass.be