Economy of Wellbeing resources

Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

The Presidency (1st June – 31st December 2019) endorsed an open debate on the economy of wellbeing. Its objective was to raise awareness on seeing social wellbeing as a prerequisite for economic growth. In such an economy, public resources would be allocated to improving the social and economic welfare of citizens. This would ensure that people are healthier, more innovative and productive by contributing to the economy through employment and taxes. This approach is illustrated by a virtuous cycle of policies where economic growth and wellbeing support each other and benefit society as a whole.

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Minister of Social Affairs and Health in Finland, Pirkko Mattila

Pirkko Mattila opened a seminar on the Economy of Wellbeing which was held in Brussels on the 19th October 2018. According to Minister Mattila, it was time to engage in a discussion and reflection on the interaction between welfare policy and the economy. The discussion referenced investments in health, including mental health, education, health and safety in the work place as well as gender equality, which are relevant from both macroeconomic and corporate.

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