INDIVERSO is an Erasmus+ project that unites young people, self-help organisations, providers of occupational rehabilitation and companies providing training,so that they could work together to develop a “toolbox of support concepts” that helps to enable these young people to be successfully engaged in education, training and employment. School education and vocational training are commonly associated with barriers and the risk of exclusion for young people with disabilities. There is furthermore a drastic increase in the number of  young people with psychological impairments in the field of vocational training. This poses challenges for employers, trainers and teachers who are lacking a sufficient repertoire of action and appropriate support. Present education and support programmes often cannot meet the specific requirements of these young people as they are universally aligned on generalized categories of disability and assumed typical deficiencies

In this project, an educational policy was developed which enables individual learning and training paths to be provided for. This approach also included support structures both for students and teaching staff.

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