EPR and project partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Latvia and Estonia decided to organise a structured dialogue between young people with disabilities, policy makers and experts in the disability field with “Nothing about us, without us” in mind, and specifically implementing using a coproduction approach. “The future you(th) want: co-producing recommendations for inclusive societies” will build on the talents, interests and skills of young people with disabilities to promote their participation in the democratic life and co-create recommendations for both policy makers and service providers on issues that directly relate and are of interest to them. 

Focusing on the personal talents will be also an opportunity to enhance self-confidence among the young people. Young people will gain a better understanding of relevant policy and will directly participate in dialogue with policy makers and experts. Policy makers and experts will have increased trust and confidence in young people’s capacities to meaningfully contribute to society. By involving key experts in the disability field, including network organisations advocating for the rights of people with disability and independent living, youth councils, policy makers and service providers, EPR aims to maximise the impact and dissemination of this project. 

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