Good practices from EPR members to improve sustainability of their services

Cedar Foundation, Ireland: with the Greening Cedar initiative the Foundation aims at preventing and reducing the production of waste and promoting recycling and reusing in its daily working activities. The Foundation provides its workers with a guide that explains how they can work in an environmentally friendly way (for more information see 

Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse (CRM), France: it implements a sustainable development policy focused on sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and waste reduction. Examples of measures taken are the purchase of electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations, insulation work to reduce energy consumption, replacement of plastic cups and water bottles with mugs and water decanters and fight against food and water waste (for more information see 

Fundaciòn Rey Ardid, Spain: the Foundation has an Alzheimer’s specialised residence in Rosales del Canal (Saragoza) which has received a Passive House certificate thanks to its great thermal insulation and a vertical garden, which helps to purify the air and reduce the temperature of the building during hot days, thus limiting the use of air conditioning and increasing energy efficiency (for more information see