Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD)

Image: FEAD, Caritas Europa

Fund For European Aid to the Most Deprived

The Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) provides support for the provision of material assistance to the most deprived such as food, clothing, and other essential items of personal and health care. 


For the 2014-2020 period, over €3.8 billion were made available to the Fund. 

Activities funded

There is an observable synergy between FEAD and the European Social Fund (ESF) : their respective objectives complement each other. Financial support from FEAD will help people take their first steps out of poverty and social exclusion by addressing their most basic needs. This can be thought of as a precondition for getting a job or following training courses, as covered by the ESF. Material assistance needs to go hand in hand with social inclusion measures, such as guidance and support to help people out of poverty. Non-material assistance to the most deprived people are also essential to help them integrate better into society.