European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR)

EPR is a network of service providers to people with disabilities committed to high quality service delivery. EPR’s mission is to build the capacity of its members to provide sustainable, high quality services through mutual learning and training.

Our Vision

EPR and its members work towards achieving a society where every person with a disability or in other vulnerable situations have access to the highest quality services that create equal opportunities and independent participation for all.

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity of our members to provide sustainable, high quality services to their clients in the current changing social services market environment.

Our Activities

EPR activities go beyond traditional mutual learning exchanges. EPR members co-create and pilot innovative products, tools and methods to better meet the needs of clients, employers and funders. Professionals from EPR members gather to benchmark and analyse effectiveness in service provision over time; improving quality of services and quality of life for clients, as well as positively impacting their daily work experience. Through membership to the European Platform for Rehabilitation, organisations are better equipped to be competitive in this changing market environment.