Inclusive Elections

What are Inclusive Elections?

Two fundamental aspects:
  • Avoid discrimination on the basis of voter’s disability
  • Make all aspects of the election process accessible to persons with disabilities 
There is more than voting to an election process…
  • Voter registration
  • Political campaigns
  • Voting
  • Election results 
Voting technology addresses accessibility for people with physical and visual impairments
2019 European Elections - Pilot project: voting machines in Portugal (Evora District)
  • Audio recording assitance
  • Zoom to enlarge print on screen plus increased contrast
  • Voting booths designed for wheelchair accesibility 
Other services for elections:
  • Remote voting applications
  • Web sites: Election process - public information (preelection)
  • Web sites: Reporting of election results

Some additional thoughts …

  • Accesibility of voters and of polling station staff, both need to be addressed
  • One solution does not fit all. A vision for future elections: multichannel voting
  • Voting at polling, online voting (digital, telephone..), vote anywhere and postal voting will coexist
  • A fully accesible voter registration solution
  • Comprehensive training of election administration staff on accesibility