VET from EPR members' perspective

People with disabilities have the right to access quality VET programmes and training as recognised by Art 27 (d) UNCRPD, however, they might experience barriers to access. Lack of inclusion in education and skills development initiatives for people with disabilities can prevent them to finding a job and actively participate in society, leading to possible further marginalization and exclusion.

VET providers therefore have a crucial role to develop services that ensure inclusion and promote participation of people with disabilities in VET. By working closely with employers and taking into account trainees’ capacities, VET providers can develop services to progress more people with disabilities into the open labour market. Providers are constantly required to innovate and anticipate trends to ensure that VET programmes provide concrete opportunities to improve the life of all their students, including those with disabilities.

EPR member resources:

The VET Learning Community: a network of mainstream and special VET providers that works on quality improvement and inclusive education