Ideas to show employers the value of hiring People with Disabilities

In this section of the toolkit we present arguments and information that can help employers understand the value of hiring PwD and having inclusive workplaces. These reasons are presented on four different levels when working on disability inclusion: Business, workplace, market place and community.

1.     Business      

Staff need support in different ways. someone with a disability have specific needs. Providing support to all colleagues improves productivity and loyalty; tailor-made, supportive HR practices benefit all employees.

  • Gain a positive reputation on the international stage and demonstrate leadership
  • Further own corporate values and social priorities
  • Key component of diversity: hiring PwD can make an organization more diverse and inclusive
  • Foster an environment that promotes dignity and respect of all persons
  • Meet and exceed legal requirements
2.     Workplace
  • Gain greater access to talent pool: including PwD in the pool of possible employees means that as a company/organization, you have more people to choose from.
  • Better able to avoid skills shortages or labour supply issues
  • Possible decreased labour turnover: If you invest in people and a more inclusive working place, it is likely that employees stay longer.
  • Access to untapped resource of different skills, points of view and abilities
3.     Marketplace
  • Increased ability to reflect the diverse demands of customers, making the business more receptive and responsive to unique needs, helping it to develop better products and services
  • Making business better prepared to address people with disabilities and the growing market of older persons
  • Foster innovation in products and services
  • Enhance supplier diversity by also sourcing from companies that are owned by and employ PwD
  • Enhance customer loyalty with inclusive marketing and advertising and avoid the negative repercussions of using stereotypes
4.     Community
  • Through increased inclusion and accessibility, contribute to an improved enabling environment for all members of the community, including business, to thrive and grow

Contribute to positive social change through leading by example and positively influencing attitudes