Afid Ritmo

AFID Diferença Foundation / Portugal

Target Group People with disabilities, elderly people, families and technicians
From 19 to 93 years old.
The different percussion instruments are pieces, because of their performance in history, that have a unique role in the collective imagination.
The subject rhythm cuts across all generations, in particular, among the younger generation, as well as those who see their social representativeness committed.
Through several group dynamics we have been lived and recorded a few moments of rare beauty in the initiation and subsequent evolution rhythmic. Self-esteem increases, the human being evolved, poetry is a constant. 
Rule, discipline, quiet contemplation, joy, affirmation and creativity are feelings and extraordinary experiences that come from developing this work, from the group, with the group and for the group.
For all this, it is worth the rhythmic interconnection experience between generations and the journey, to feel, in this corner, breathing and the rhythm of the various places on the planet.
The Afid Ritmo project has started in November 2015 with the implementation and construction of twelve cajóns to be implemented in this organization with a percussion orchestra, favouring the respective instrument.
Later, we opened the door to a group of older customers, whose average age is 85 years, which have given the name Generation - Ritmo 85, and started working the imaginary with the Portuguese percussion, especially the bass drum. Then, the idea of joining the percussion of young people with traditional percussion appears, creating an engagement between generations.
Comprehension, respect, understanding, individuality, gender, culture, experiences, are feelings that contribute to the understanding between so distinct generations. For those who absorb and experience the interaction between these two groups, realize that the rhythm can be a language without age, crossing barriers that would otherwise be impossible to overcome.

Cajón or caja, means box in Spanish. The cajón is a percussion instrument that originated in colonial Peru, where African slaves separated from their percussion instruments were used wooden boxes and drawers (another translation for cajón) to touch their rhythms. Over time the instrument was transformed into what we know today by cajón. The instrument is now considered by the Peruvian government as "Cultural Heritage of the Nation."
Staff and Resources
1 Teacher
2 Trainers
1 Animator
Since November 2015 to the present, across the year.
Budget for the construction of cajóns, technical salaries and expenses with traveling for presentations in different shows.

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