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Target Group The target group is youths in the age of 16 – 30 years, who have dropped out of school and work life. The goal is to make the program participants able to find their inherent qualities and unique abilities, and through this quickly return to school and work. Most participants in FROG are more than 18 years old. The program has also successfully been completed on other age scopes, as well as longtime unemployed. The effect of the program is the same on all groups.
FROG Online Identity is a method and a program aiming to provide self-leadership and identity-training.
The method is based on theories from:
1)      Neurophysiology; The study of our brain and how it functions and how we make decisions.
2)      Communication Techniques from film studies. Live sound and image are still the strongest instruments we have to communicate a message. The only thing that may be stronger is oneself. Everyone has, at some point, been misunderstood. In this training you will be trained on how to clearly communicate what you want to say.
3)      Cognitive fundamentals; The relationship between thoughts, feelings and behavior.
4)      Co-active coaching; A professional conversation form that brings out your hidden qualities and values.
5)      Principles from traditional leadership training
The method is based on the work of the neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet, and his research and findings with regards to unconscious decision making. In the brain, located behind the left ear, lies the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus makes every decision for us. It always knows what is best for us. Often, we do not pay attention to this. We often spend half a second finding a response that we believe will be more appropriate than the one the hypothalamus provides. If you have ever said yes when you wanted to say no, you have ignored the hypothalamus, and if you do this every day over and over, you ignore yourself and what you really stand for.
Through the training in FROG, the hypothalamus is constantly fed, everything we do affect the hypothalamus and it will grow stronger and stronger. This creates a bridge between the right and the left sides of the brain, and we create balance in our lives between the rational and the emotional.
Through intensive training, the participants of FROG find their inherent qualities and unique skill sets. They focus in the present and the future, and create their own dignified existence.

FROG Online Identity is different from traditional programs, and it’s based completely on volunteerism. The main focus is on activity, and very little time is spent on theoretical materials. The program combines individual training and group process, something which is a unique feature of FROG. With every run of the program, the trust within the group is apparent almost immediately. The aim of the first day is to trigger curiosity in the participants, and make them want to continue into day two.

Hundreds of young people have been given the opportunity of participating in FROG, and the only prerequisite is a desire for a change in life. During the program, the only demand is showing up every day. The rest becomes apparent to the participants along the way.
Staff and Resources
Lyk-z & daughters are the owners of the FROG concept. They perform all the FROG trainer certifications.
Lyk-z & daughters are social entrepreneurs. They are based in Grenland, Telemark, but are active all over Europe. The company was established in 1994 and is owned and led by entrepreneur and manager Ingeborg Lykseth. The company received FERD SE’s ‘Social Entrepreneur of the year’-award in 2012, and in December of that year they started a three year cooperation with FERD’s Social Entrepreneurs. 
GREP’s most important customer is NAV (Norway’s main social service provider). So far, most of the participants of FROG join the program through NAV.
GREP also has a close cooperation with certain institutions connected to Norwegian psychiatric care. This is to ensure that participants in need of treatment will get this the proper way. GREP does not conduct any treatment.
In some cases, private parties will pay for family members to participate in FROG. GREP welcomes this, and views this as having great future potential. 

Employees and resources:
Up to 12 participants go through five different modules led by two certified FROG-trainers, working full time. Per now, GREP employs five certified FROG trainers. In addition, there is one assistant working full time throughout each run of the program.
In 2015, GREP completed a total of five runs of the FROG program. In 2016, there will also be five complete runs.
FROG requires a dedicated space, a room for group activities, in addition to smaller spaces meant for work in groups. The requirements for space is somewhat greater than those of ordinary rehabilitation programs. This is due to the processes that take place in the space. It’s important that the room doesn’t feel crammed or too small.
GREP always provides the participants with water, fruit, nuts, coffee and tea, to ensure that their energy levels are good.
Despite the fact that FROG is more expensive to run than other rehabilitation programs, GREP has decided to keep running the program. This is due to the positive results of the program. 

FROG Online Identity is a 25 days group based training,6 hours each day, for a total of 150 hours.The sessions are spread over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. The training is always combined with FROG's digital platform between sessions. In addition there are home assignments each day.

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