Good Practice: IT/Engineering Training - CDI ISI Curriculum

IT/Engineering Training: CDI ISI Curriculum

Organisation  Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse
Country France
Short description CRM provides IT and/or engineering training for people with disabilities. This responds to a demand from companies in the IT sector which have to answer their legal obligation for inclusive recruitment but fail to find matching profiles.
To increase the number of potential students it has been decided in partnership with 4 companies to organize special curricula to allow people to reach the level required to enter the engineer training, the ' CDI ISI curriculum'.
This programme fits to the needs identified by the companies of the IT sector and allows an entry in the engineer training courses in cooperation with the CNAM (engineering school).
Target group Person with disabilities with an EQF level 5 or a good experience in IT development.
Stakeholders involved The partner enterprises (BNP Paribas, Thales, Cap Gemini Sogeti, EDF) fund the curriculum, manage work experience, and hire students in an apprenticeship contract.

The project manager organizes partnerships for an easier integration of people with disabilities (PWD) in the labour market. Companies can contact the CRM to obtain information about the legislation or about adjustment of workspace for PWD. 
After a first contact and if the companies have needs, they are offered the possibility to send their recruitment offers that job coaches then disseminate to the corresponding training sections. Students will then have the possibility to apply (under cover of the CRM) for these proposals with a good chance to get an interview, and this ultimately significantly increases the number of jobs opportunities for students. 
Direct impact 
  • Sourcing of the students by the CRM (testing, interviews)
  • Validation of candidates by the Partner enterprises (interviews)
  • (CDI) “Designer IT Developer” Training (9 months): EQF level 6 (The European Qualification Framework goes from one to height and allows comparisons between different countries; 8 being the highest level corresponding to a doctorate and1  corresponding to basic general knowledge)
  • Validation by the CNAM and contract with a company.
  • (ISI) “Engineer in information system” Training (2 years)
    Apprenticeship contract (25% in vocational training centre, 75% in work experience). EQF level 7.
Conclusions and results

From the 11 students that have followed the first part of the curriculum (from 2014 to 2016) 7 have signed an apprenticeship contract with a company for the engineer training (it should be noted that mobility problems prevented some candidates to accept the job opportunity located in the Paris area). This result is promising and inspires confidence in the new action plan to extend the partnership to new companies in 2015.

The programme is a good opportunity for students to gain professional experience, reach a high level of skills and ultimately get a job through an apprenticeship contract.
Duration The program was initiated in 2014.
Contact/More information Vocational Training Manager - Didier Roche