Good Practice: : Inclusion Group, Occupational Activities Centre-Individual Plan of Development (PDI),

Inclusion Group: Occupational Activities Centre-Individual Plan of Development

Organisation    Fundação AFID Diferença (AFID Difference Foundation)
Country Portugal
Short description The programme promotes the autonomy and social support, health, education and training, fight against exclusion, and guarantees excellence in service provision. It is based on the needs, expectations and own contribution of each client with regard to the development activities provided by the AFID Difference Foundation.
Co-productive activities Step 1 to 4
Since 2010 to the present day, the project of the Occupational Activity Center - CAO, has aimed at promoting labour and social inclusion of people with a disability, based on the principle that everyone has (unexploited) potential for employment. This is a four-step road: Customer-Family-Foundation-Partners.

Marcha da Alegria- Join March (traditional performance)
The initial idea was to make a short march to the Occupational Activity Center -CAO level. But one of the Occupational Activity Center - CAO clients took the idea immediately to our Social services Director who took it upon himself to involve as much people as possible to work on this project.

Nights out
Night outs are organised by the staff annually in a fun location in the vibrant city of Lisbon.

Trips are organised in European cities such as Madrid or Porto, together with the Global Training Activity, New Technologies and Inclusion group.

Co-production activities are undoubtedly the mainstay of intervention and development of the Activities Plan for the Occupational Activities Centre, but it is something transversal to all the services that the Foundation provides to its customers. According to the answers of the Satisfaction Questionnaire and the ideas proposed in each development period of the Individual Plan, the service of AFID Difference Foundation tries to adjust the activities.
Underlying theories "A dream that you dream alone is only a dream. A dream that you dream together with others is reality "John Lennon
This is our brand, make dreams come true!” (from a member of staff)

“Thanks to AFID and all Social Responses that were involved, worked and did their best to continue to build smiles and realize dreams”. (from a client)

Since the start of the creative process, each person is heard and can provide feedback as well as contributes actively to the good practice we develop.
Direct impact  

In 2015 (from a scale from 0 to 4):

  • The indicator for 'Satisfaction Questionnaire Average Satisfaction of the Customers' was 3.54.
  • The indicator for 'Average Satisfaction of the Employees' was 3.48.
Conclusions and results The AFID Difference Foundation will continue to have as cornerstone the involvement of all parties in providing services to its customers. Our biggest challenge will be attracting new partners, as well as awareness and taking active part in this process by the surrounding community.
and Milestones
The practice was initiated in 2010 and has been carried out to the present day as a way to promote the empowerment of our clients in their daily routine. 
Contact/More information  CEO - Dr Domingos Rosa