Good Practice: Event Planning with Trainees and Patients

Event Planning with Trainees and Patients: 70th Anniversary of the CRM

Organisation     Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse 
Country France
Short description To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the CRM with a strong involvement of the trainees of Vocational Training.  The event was divided into two important activities:
-        An exhibition
-        A summer music festival

During the day different activities were proposed:
- Concert, barbecue, and theatre play (lunch time);
- four-hours rally with different cultural and physical activities and an award ceremony (afternoon)
- A barbecue (evening)
Co-productive activities 2 committees created:
- one for exhibition
- one for summer music festival
Trainees from different programmes and professionals designed the organisation of the day and implemented the different cultural and sportive activities (rally). Numerous meetings were organised from January to June 2016.

1000 flyers ware printed and shared with the trainees, the patients of the care sector, the professionals and with the Board of directors of the association to which CRM belongs to. 
Underlying theories It is the first time that such CRM organised such events, mainly triggered by a trainees’ demand following a willingness of the Conseil de la vie sociale [the Council of Social Life: a place to exchange and express opinions on all issues affecting the functioning of the establishment] regarding the increase of the number of incivilities.
The assumption was that if trainees got more involved in CRM’s life there would be less incivility incidents.

Direct impact 
  • Global satisfaction of all participants;
  • High level of engagement by many trainees for over 17 hours. 23 teams, from 4 to 6 people, participated to the rally with mixed teams of employees and trainees;
  • More than 300 meals distributed in the evening instead of the usual 150;
  • Development of transversal skills for trainees involved in the project that can be valued in a resume
Conclusions and results Success factors :
  • Trainees’ motivation 
  • Skills in cultural animation
  • A good team for project management
  • A support from CRM’s top management and the employees
  • Experience in event planning and organisation
Future Challenge: increasing trainees’ involvement and knowledge of the existing cultural animation training programme.
Duration and Milestones This event took place on the 16th June 2016 at the same time as the summer music festival.
Contact/More information Quality and Risk Coordinator - Jean-Claude Schrepfer: