Melfy: A New Way to Introduce Yourself

Present Yourself with Melfy

Organisation  Heliomare  (education/vocational rehabilitation centre) 
Target Group Young people, students (but can be useful for other groups)  
Description  What?
Students introduce themselves by using a short movie 'Melfy' (iMovie or windows moviemaker) and with optional further support of digital mind map (simple mind+).

To realise a successful experience at our centre, understand better in class and/or fruitful support by teachers/employers it is necessary to inform all 'stakeholders' about your handicap. Telling your story on the spot is not always easy and it's often difficult to keep it consistent. Using modern media helps by making one complete story that can be used in different situations.

Making a personal movie (Melfy) to present yourself can help because:
1. People with disability often find it difficult to describe in details what they are feeling and to express themselves with the proper words. 
2. Telling your story and recording it with a familiar person in a safe setting makes it easier to do.
3. By making a Melfy, telling your story once is enough! No need to do it in front of lot of people and forget to tell things because of stress.
4. By guiding the short story, the focus can be set to the positive aspects of the client and especially to the support needed.
5. A Melfy (youtube protected or open) is easy to share and can be shown anywhere: new class, new mentor, new internship etc. Your story is ready and the only thing you have to do is explain if things have changed after making the Melfy.
6. By using a mind map (IPad or phone) you can show structure in the story and this ends with the need for education/support. In certain case it is also possible to only explain the mind map.
7. The Melfy is managed by the client him/herself (uploading via own account). They themselves decide if they want to share and use it.
8. The role of the professional involved is to convince the client that sharing information can be vital. For example, one of our students once did not tell about his epilepsy (he was afraid to and when he got an insult in the kitchen where he worked as an intern). So this needs managing in the field of handicap perception.
Staff and 
Heliomare education staff 
Duration Ongoing
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