Inclusive Finances

Inclusive Finances

Organisation  ONCE Foundation
Target Group  People with intellectual disability and learning disabilities  
Description  The project “Inclusive Finances” aims at improving the financial education of people with intellectual and/or learning disabilities through a customized training adapted to their needs, thus avoiding exclusion and promoting equal opportunities. It responds to the need of training oriented to auto determination, as the basis for the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities, and an enhancer of Inclusive Education.

This free training resource is available for every entity working with people with intellectual disability, within the autistic spectrum or withlearning disabilities and reinforces financial aspects that are quotidian in the life of their users and thus empower this group of people.

The general objective is to promote the capacity to manage personal economy in an autonomous way, with the following specific goals:
  • Learning the basic financial concepts 
  • Improving the capacity to manage properly and make a responsible use of money. 
  • Acquiring the financial knowledge applying to the labour market. 
  • Organizing their personal finances 

Innovative aspects:
  • The theme itself and the target group 
  • The methodology supporting the project, as it is the first course specifically designed for the target group on financial knowledge. 
  • The accessibility criteria used to design the contents.
  • Citi and Citi Foundation
  • APROCOR Foundation 
  • National Stock Market Commission (CNMW, Spanish initials)
  • The Bank of Spain (Spanish national central bank) 
Staff and 
ONCE Foundation Training and Employment Staff.
Duration 2012-2015: the pilot was launched in 2012, and a course per year was organised since then.
Budget Co-funded by Citi Foundation and ONCE Foundation.
Contact /more information  Sabina Lobato: 

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