Smart networking

Smart Networking

Organisation     Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre 
Target Group     Persons with special needs
Description  Astangu VRC has approached improvement of educational possibilities of
persons with SEN on a basis of a comprehensive approach.
First, Astangu VRC organises as of spring 2018 a yearly fair on educational
possibilities for persons with SEN (HEVi mess in Estonian). Who are expected to participate in this fare? Estonian vocational schools, who offer vocational training possibilities with persons with special needs. This years’ fair was organised in March and it hosted representatives from 12 vocational schools, Unemployment Fund and Foundation Archimedes Youth Agency. All represented organisations had the possibility to share information about study possibilities and support services provided,
communicate with potential students and clients and exchange information
among each other.
Second, we organise regular meetings – vocational schools’ network – as of
June 2018, which brings together representatives from different vocational
schools (based on the official numbers of SEN students), Ministry of
Education and Science, Ministry of Social Affairs, Unemployment Fund and
Foundation Innove. One of the purposes of the network is to reduce the
drop out rate of SEN students and improve their chances of finding a job
after completion of the course. Second purpose of the network is to bring
together school personnel with representatives from different
organisations that are related to the different aspects of facilitating the
educational opportunities of SEN students. Since these meetings are
thematic, then different experts are invited to these meetings as well, e.g.
last meeting saw presentation on different rehabilitation services and
solving of cases from schools’ practice related to support services.
These two activities combined greatly increase the common information
space of rehabilitation organisations and schools, which increases
cooperation between them. It also aids in finding better solutions for supporting SEN students while they are studying with adequate support

Staff and Resources 
Vocational schools, Unemployment Fund, Ministry of Social Affairs,
Ministry of Education and Science, Foundation Innove, Foundation
Only working hours of our own staff.
As of 2018 and ongoing.
Time of our employees.
Contact /more information Name: Marit Okas
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