Training programme for developing, fine tuning and updating basic skills (Recuperação e Atualização de Competências Básicas – RAC-B)

Supporting Customized Upskilling Pathways

Organisation     CRPG – Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia
Target Group     It targets persons with disabilities of working age and with employability potential (in exceptional situations, duly proven by educational establishments, minors under 18 years old can be admitted), with academic qualifications inferior to the ISCED 1 level or who, having higher qualifications, are demonstrably lacking in basic skills
Description  RAC-B is a programme focused on developing, fine tuning and updating basic skills, aiming to promote literacy, numeracy and digital literacy to enable successful access to vocational training and/or employment. It is a leverage to support the achievement of the objectives of the programmes and measures available for the qualification and employment of persons with disabilities, as a fundamental condition to inclusion, and is supported by recent framework that highlights the growing importance of the development of skills, namely basic skills. It answers the absence of an accurate response to this deficit in the existing training system and is provided prior the integration into vocational training courses or the implementation of employment support measures. RAC-B is a 500h maximum duration pathway composed by two training components:  Basic Skills and Learning to Learn (a facilitator, supporting the development of self-knowledge about learning style, helping organize study, manage time and implement strategies to maintain attention, develop memorization, convergent/ divergent thinking, logical reasoning and creativity). Its adaptive curricular design sustains an assessment of clients’ profile, skills and needs; a customized and adaptive design of the learning scenario considering clients’ needs, expectations and interests; a transdisciplinary approach to the thematic units based on the biopsychosocial and quality of life models; the use of active methods supported by project-based learning, co-production, collaboration and meaningful activities and the investment in developing personal and social skills. This customization is also taken in consideration when developing the pathway by selecting Core Skills Domains that are included in the Portuguese National Catalogue for Qualifications, meaning that it allows a reliable and easy transference to the VET sector, while ensuring quality indicators.  Finally, on a managing level, it fully respects the national legal requirements as it applies the dispositions of Portuguese legislation and organizational guides for VET programs, provided by IEFP, IP. 
The first pilot edition evidenced high levels of clients’ satisfaction (88%) and strong results on basic skills acquisitions (2,24 on a 1-3 scale), attendance and punctuality (absenteeism: 8,2%) and quality of life. CRPG will promote its deployment on a national basis, after piloting and assessing the experimental editions.  

Staff and Resources 


This programme is implemented by a multidisciplinary team, composed by one group coordinator and seven trainers with an academic and professional background on ICT, literacy and numeracy. Other professionals can be activated throughout the pathway in a logic of collaboration, according to the co-constructed projects. 
The programme has a 500 hours maximum duration, distributed by its components: Component Core Skills Domain Maximum duration 
Basic Skills Reading and Writing 200h 
Arithmetic 150h 
Use of information and communication technologies to solve everyday problems 
Learning to Learn   N/A 50h 
Total  500h 
It is supported by the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training. 
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