Good Practice: Por Talento - Inserta

A platform co-financed by the ONCE Foundation and the European Social Fund that coordinates job offers from over 4,000 collaborating companies and assists over 190,000 job-seekers registered in their database.

Equipped with the latest technological innovations, the employment platform is at the forefront of labour mediation and allows their users to directly interact with FSC Inserta’s experts in order to get updated on the broad training offer and job opportunities available. The platform also gives the companies the possibility to manage their job offers in real time and access the information of all candidates meeting the requested profiles.

But the distinguishing element of is the fact that it combines the potential of new technologies with human involvement, thus setting a new paradigm in labour inclusion. is much more than a website, much more than a tool; it is an open fully inclusive meeting place for job-seekers with a disability, companies offering jobs, public administrations or interested persons; open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“A thousand reasons” campaign
Together with the new, the ONCE Foundation launched the campaign “A thousand reasons” with a double objective: on the one hand, to inform and encourage people with disabilities, including entrepreneurs, to use the website services such as guidance, training and support to increase their options to get a quality job, and on the other, to try to raise awareness of employers and business owners.

As the campaign states: “for many people with disabilities the day couldn’t start any better”, because every day more persons with a disability find a job thanks to the ONCE Foundation through The campaign also consists of a free mobile application (‘Despertador Por Mil Razones’- ‘A Thousand Reasons Alarm Clock’, available on the Apple Store and Google Play) so that users can post morning tweets saying one of the ‘thousands of reasons’ why getting up every morning is so good, using the hashtag #razonesparalevantarse (‘reasons to get up’).

Mediation services for more than 50,000 job offers

Since its creation in 2009, FSC Inserta has processed over 50,000 job offers for persons with disabilities, and it has also provided its registered job-seekers with over 3,000 courses and workshops where about 30,000 students with a disability have been trained. A training and work mediation activity is absolutely free for its beneficiaries thanks to the financing by the ONCE Foundation and the European Social Fund.

Under the Inserta Program, the ONCE Foundation signs collaboration agreements with many SMEs and about fifty large national and multinational companies, some of them being the most important Spanish companies in the banking, energy, distribution and construction sectors, such as Ikea, McDonald’s, Ford, KPMG, Barclays, Repsol, etc.

To watch the campaign online, see this  link