Good Practice: Ripples in the Water – Work and Inclusion

Who? Work & Inclusion (W&I) is an association in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), the main business organisation in Norway with 26,000 member companies. W&I have 100 member companies all over the country which base their services on individual coaching towards ordinary employment through providing qualifications, job training, protected work and Supported Employment. They provide services to approximately 35,000 disadvantaged people annually.

What? RIW is a methodology for cooperation between NHO member companies and W&I service providers. It aims to increase the level of employment for PwD or disadvantages based on the understanding that the vast majority of people both 

want and are able to work. With reference to their CSR strategy, NHO companies need manpower and want to be successful in integrating employees with a disability.

Success? An evaluation from December 2017 shows that RIW helps NHO’s members recruit the right person for the right job. The NHO company gets in touch with a service provider, who after an assessment of the company’s needs, consider whether they have suitable candidates for the position in question. The service provider may also provide training and coaching to prepare the candidate to become employable. In addition, they provide follow-up support in the workplace, including coaching after the candidate has been permanently employed. The evaluation further shows that 57% of the NHO companies would not have recruited without RIW. 84% trust that the service providers propose relevant candidates and 77% agrees that the actual candidate matched the needs of the company. Two out of three find it safe to recruit through RIW.

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