QoL e-Learning Module


EPR has worked and focused for many years on the quality of life impact of services provided to and with persons with disabilities. In 2018, EPR decided to include on its work programme concrete meetings and activities to be developed directly linked to this topic of increased interest.

One of the activities is an e-Learning Module aimed at providing key information about Quality of Life, its definition and how it relates to persons with disabilities and the services provided to them; what the existing tools are and instruments to measure QoL. This e-Learning module is addressed to a broad audience. Both experts and non-experts on this subject can benefit from it.

In order to put together this e-Learning module, EPR has compiled input from experts, written and audiovisual resources. In particular, EPR has worked with its expert Donal McAnaney.

In the General Introduction section you will find some information about the e-Learning module itself; to understand the overall objectives of the e-Learning module, but also how to navigate it, consult the resources, what you can expect to learn and how you can contribute to further improve this tool.

The module is comprised of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Quality of Life

Chapter 2: Understanding Models and Approaches to categorising Quality of Life

Chapter 3: Measuring Quality of Life

Chapter 4: Good Practices

The module can be accessed here. It is hosted on the platform Teachable. To access the course you need to register for the platform then signed up for (both for free)