International Classification of Function (ICF) resources

Below are resources, including assessment tools, research articles, reports, definitions and tools used by EPR members relating to the International Classification of Function (ICF)

Australian Therapy Outcome Measure resources:

The AUSTOMS in a specific Occupational Therapy outcome measure (measuring functional outcome of OT intervention rated by the therapist) used based on the ICF. Resources below include description of the tool and manual.




Barthel Index

The Barthel scale is an ordinal scale used to measure performance in activities of daily living. Each performance item is rated on this scale with a given number of points assigned to each level or ranking. It uses ten variables describing ADL and mobility.

def-voc-rehab.pdf Test-Escala-Funcional---Barthel-(Fundacion-Rey-Ardid).pdf



1 . "Quality improvement of vocational rehabilitation in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain and reduced work participation".

The aim of this study was to  contribute to the quality improvement of VR for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain and reduced work participation


2. " Dutch Dataset Pain Rehabilitation in daily practice: Content, patient characteristics and reference data". 

This study arose as there was  No core set of measurement tools existing to collect data within clinical practice. It was identified that such data could be useful as reference data to guide treatment decisions and to compare patient characteristics or treatment results within specific treatment settings.

Köke-(2016)-EJP.-Baseline-data-(N8200)-NDP-set.pdf. "

3."Quelle est la perception des médecins-conseils et des paramédicaux par rapport à l’usage des core-sets CIF lors de l’évaluation de l’incapacité de travail liée aux dorsolombalgies ?" translates to "What is the perception of medical advisers and paramedics in relation to the use of the ICF core-sets during the assessment of incapacity for linked to back pain? 


4.  Towards an ICF- and IMMPACT-Based Pain Vocational Rehabilitation Core Set in the Netherlands

The objective of the study was to To develop a core set of diagnostic and evaluative measures specifically for vocational rehabilitation of patients with subacute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, while using the brief ICF core set for VR as the reference framework in VR, and the IMMPACT recommendations in the outcome measurements around pain.



1. A UK work report template that can be completed by an allied health professional which has been developed with the specific expertise from UK professional bodies of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and podiatry. It outlines difficulties and recommendations and goals in relation to return to work of the patient.


2. The document below outlines the Communication Function Classification System (CFCS) for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy.


3. The spreadsheet below includes all EPR member organisations participating in the ICF taskforce and highlights  a short description of the tools used related to the type of client and a link to the related document/file/resource if available.


4. The document below includes information on questionnaires for use in early intervention.