Towards Participation in a different normality: Mental Health as a cornerstone. Good practices. Webinar 5/11/20

This page includes the presentations from the Webinar held on the 5th November 2020 entitled:

"Towards a participation in a different normality: Mental health as a cornerstone"

1. CRPG – Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia, Portugal. Reconnecting body and mind in times of uncertainty. CRPG-EPR-Reconnecting-Body-and-Mind-in-Times-of-Uncertainty.pdf

2. Foundacion INTRAS, Spain. Personal Assistance as a new tool to support small groups after COVID 19. INTRAS_Presentación-EPR_AP.pdf
3. Rehab Group, Ireland. Digitalisation of mental health services: Education and support online, Rehab Ireland. REHAB_EPR-presentation-education-and-support-online-3.pdf
4.  THEOTOKOS FOUNDATION, Greece. A stress and anxiety intervention for young people with autism spectrum disorders and mild intellectual disabilities. Theotokos_Presentation-EPR.pdf